Every day thousands of professionals in Africa contribute to making commercial aviation the safest form of transportation. The aviation industry depends on these people. African aviation safety works! The Friends of Aviassist Foundation works together with African counterparts to keep it that way.

We support the AviAssist Foundation’s ability to:
• Equip African professionals with best practices & skills
• Encourage & support African safety champions
• Improve aviation safety in Africa

The Friends of AviAssist makes grants to, and works alongside, the AviAssist Foundation in support of its programs. Friends of AviAssist work alongside the AviAssist Foundation on changing the perception of African aviation. It will also assist the AviAssist Foundation in recruiting more professional volunteers & business partners from the Netherlands & Europe to work together with their African colleagues in promoting aviation safety.

The independent AviAssist Foundation (www.aviassist.org) promotes professionalism in African aviation safety.

As a non-profit organisation, it identifies threats to aviation safety, analyses the problems and works on practical solutions to them. Its primary area of work is the 24 East and Southern African States.